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working with organizations' having existing Internet  Presence and Internet Provider Services, providing consulting services, contract negotiations, action plans, and training

Case Study

City of West Hollywood, California

The city already had Internet Provider and Presence services. Though they were doing business with the acknowledged market leader for Internet network services, that didn't mean they were doing business with the best provider for each of their service needs.

In order to help fund new web initiatives in support of city goals, we were asked to identify any and all measures to bring about greater service offerings at reduced prices. The costs savings we found, $18,000 annually, will be re-invested in the effort to make a website truly reflective of the city's world class status.

We identified Internet network service providers who offered more for less; but also obtained contractual guarantees for service levels and quality standards. Now the city could choose from a broader menu of options in accomplishing their web presence goals.

We also are helping the city to become self sufficient in website design and administration through ongoing training, seminars, and networking.

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