Echo Mtn. Echoes Volume 1..
Number 3

This wonderful piece of modern technology danced beams of light across the skies of the great Exposition.
This wonderful piece of modern technology danced beams of light across the skies of the great Exposition.

Looking back at Mount Lowe's searchlight
By Jake Brouwer

Thaddeus Sobieski Constantine Lowe pretty much got what he wanted when he had the money. Ferris Wheels were a big attraction of the day and if he had wanted a Ferris Wheel he would have it and don't you forget it. But Thad had something much better and that was Mt. Lowe.



Observations from above

Did you ever get to see the city from a place of any height? It will totally give you another perspective on the place you live.

When Thaddeus Lowe was growing up he lived in Jefferson Mills, New Hampshire surrounded by mountains.



Dr. Edgar Larkin, Astronomer

Doctor Edgar Lucien Larkin was appointed to the position of director of the Mt. Lowe Observatory in August 1900. He was replacing the nearly blind dr. Swift who was eighty years old. Dr. Swift was well known for his discoveries of comets and nebulae and he brought great attention to the observatory.


"Doctor Larkin's
interests ranged
beyond the stars
to the occult and
the sunken
continents of
Atlantis and Mu."


Current news of our readers

As I've mentioned in previous issues, we want to hear from you regarding your Mt. Lowe experiences. Drop Land Sea Discovery Group a line and keep us posted.

Paul Rippens informed me that upon his retirement in April he received as a gift a certificate of deposit dated 4/1/1896 signed by T.S.C. Lowe.



Echo Mtn. Menagerie

Zoo. Yes, that would be a nice touch thought the Professor. Show the tourists some of the native fauna that lived in close proximity to the luxurious hotels on Echo Mountain. Thought then became reality as Professor Lowe proceeded to build a number of cages into the face of Echo Mountain facing the valley below.



Mt. Lowe Trivia Test

Test your knowledge by answering these multiple choice questions.

1. Which was not a name on an incline car? A)Rubio B)Lowe C)Pacific Electic D)Echo

2. Filling the job of photographer for the Railroad on Mt. Lowe was? A)Larkin B)Lowe C)Lee D)Lawrence

3. The OM&M Railroad's power source was? A)Electric B)Gas C)Herbert D)Pelton water wheel

4. What attraction was not found on Mt. Lowe? A)Tennis courts B)Ferris Wheel C)Zoo D)Telescope

5. The grade of the Incline reached? A)65% B)62% C)68% D)66%

6. Lowe's wife's name was? A)Leontine B)Zoe C)Louise D)Blanche



Land-Sea Discovery Group

Land-Sea Discovery Group is dedicated to the rediscovery of America's treasures. From the smallest coin found on land to the richest shipwreck at sea LSDG will show an interest. But, don't be misled into believing that LSDG is naught but a group of treasure hunters. To the group, treasure can in fact be Tiburcio Vasquez's bandit cache, gold on the East Fork of the San Gabriel, a scrap book of old photos, a signed baseball found at a garage sale, or simply the view from Inspiration Point.

Everyone has their own treasures and treasure hunts. LSDG's interests are extremely widespread. The group has extensive knowledge of sports collectibles, comic and artwork, music collectibles, postcards, prospecting, and yes, treasure hunting.

One day in 1992 while investigating the Dawn Mine Jake Brouwer came upon the story of Mt. Lowe.


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