Echo Mtn. Echoes Volume 1..
Number 4

Members of the Scenic Mt. Lowe Historical Committe putting on finishing touches.
Members of the Scenic Mt. Lowe Historical Committee putting on finishing touches.

Re-dedication of the Ramada at Inspiration Point, November 16, 1996
By Jake Brouwer

The Ramada at Inspiration Point was part of the 1924-25 Pacific Electric expansion program. Located 1/4 mile from Alpine Tavern the site offered an unparalleled view of both the valleys and the heavens above.



A Metz automobile parked outside the Alpine Tavern

Alpine Tavern guests are surprised to see an automobile parked out front.

A Metz on the Mountain Top

Eighty one years ago on June 22, 1915 guests from the surrounding area and from around the country were treated to an unusual visitation at the Alpine Tavern. The locals from Altadena, Pasadena, and Eagle Rock mingled with seasoned travelers from Kalamazoo, Rochester, and Dayton.



A Tenderfoot in So. California

As all tenderfeet are expected to do, I took the trip up Mt. Lowe. Its all right, that trip is, except that it makes you feel that if you ever get down on the level again you'll go to church a little oftener, and be prepared for the next world.

By gum, there are spots on that trip, and then some!


the 65 degree incline

Hanging onto the side
of the mountain at an
angle of 65 degrees,
your mother-in-law is
liable to say "Yep" to
just about any request
you might have.


Prof. Lowe on the World Wide Web

The treasure hunter, explorer, historian, and collector will sometimes search around the globe for those treasures he seeks. Little did I know I would find the years best treasure in my own office.

Last Thursday night, just before the Labor Day weekend this member of the Land-Sea Discovery Group experienced the internet for the first time. What a thrill it was browsing through the various pages seeing what others have to offer. For a researcher it is sheer paradise. For a collector it is a world wide playground. I spent nearly thirty hours that long weekend on the net. I highly recommend to those that can swing the fee (mine is $19.95 a month) and that have the computer and software.

So, needless to say after a while I typed in Thaddeus Lowe. I also tried variation of the name and initials to see what would come up. I searched through Civil War pages, balloon sites, and railroad sites.

I'm sure I didn't cover all the aspects but I'm working on the combinations every chance I get.



News to and from our readers

Thanks to Frank Tsai for the kind words about the newsletter and the great video he sent along.

Robert Wilde was lucky enough to pick up a 5th edition Scenic Mt. Lowe booklet chock full of pictures at the last postcard show.

LSDG was able to steer Paul Rippens to a great book on the LA Aqueduct and Mullholland. It’s a subject he collects.



A note from the editor
Sometimes things just have to come to an end and so this will be the last issue of 1996. I hope you have enjoyed the material that was presented during the year in our first four issues.

It has been great fun for me doing research, layouts, and just putting the whole thing together.


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