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Gosh what a hectic time it has been since the winter issue. Holiday get-togethers, work, selling on Ebay, re-evaluating family relationships, work, buying Mt. Lowe collectibles, and more work. Also since our last issue SMLHC member John Harrigan has been chasing every lead and looking in every nook and cranny for information about the power system for the Mt. Lowe Railway. The result; a fine article for the Echoes and perhaps a future book in the making.

I would like to make mention here of another type of power present along the lines of the Mt Lowe Railway. It is manpower or in today’s politically correct society, people power. For it is we the people who laid the rails and set the track and hauled the tools to make this great wonder. It is we the people and our people power that are clearing trails and foundations for we the people to enjoy today. Together, our people power rebuilt in 1996 the Ramada at Inspiration Point and in 1998 the Dawn Station Shelter.

I can only hope now that perhaps our "people-power" will be able to work together to remove somehow the unsightly mess that now lies this spring in our Rubio Canyon. Please send us your comments and feelings.

Enjoy the spring flowers!

Jake Brouwer

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