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Within the pages of Echo Mtn. Echoes you will find key words and phrases that when clicked upon, provide you with a link to further information about that word or phrase. The links are given solely for the amusement and / or further curiosity of our readers. We at Echo Mtn. Echoes and AAAIM hope we have made your visit a rewarding one and will bookmark this site.

Recommended Websites

Through interviews and surveys of our subscribers and supporters Echo Mtn. Echoes has found that most of our readers have interests in one or more of the following categories. The sites compiled are from the editors bookmarks in the various subjects.


Hiking: Many visitors to Echo Mountain Echoes are avid hikers of our beautiful Southern California Mountains. Fresh air, nature, and history abound along the trails waiting for your visit. Most of the sites listed pertain to the Southern California area especially the San Gabriel Mountains.

Dan's Hiking Pages: Hikes in the San Gabriels and beyond! 

Hikes in the Angeles National Forests
: Very informative compiling info on all San Gabriel Mountain Trails and links.

Christopher's Articles: Write ups on local trails by writer Christopher Nyerges.

Hiking in Mt. Baldy: Mt. Baldy and other San Gabriel Mountain area hikes, photos, links, and other interesting information.

Los Angeles Times Hiking Guide: Features 18 hikes from Jerry Schad's 101 Hikes in Southern California.

Hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains: Local trail reports by Willi Wilkins.

Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links: Directory of trail and wilderness links for the United Stares and international.

Bushwhacking to the Allison Mine: A trek to the San Gabriels' Allison Mine with photos.

So. California: Just a few links to sites of particular interest to the folks involved with Echo Mtn. Echoes.

School of Self Reliance: Outdoor skills, wild food foraging, and orienting skills as told by writer Christopher Nyerges.

Altadena: History, events, and community grace the pages of this site by webmaster Gary Mendes of AAAIM.

GORP- Angeles National Forest: Hiking, fishing, picnicking, camping. It's all here, where and how.

Angeles Volunteer News Index: Newsletter about Angeles Forest Volunteers. Volunteers yearly work on clean up and rebuilding projects and trail maintenance.

Pasadena Mountain Bike Club: If you ride a mountain bike in the San Gabriel Mountains perhaps you should check out this group of high flyers.

California Highway Conditions: Check this out before you head out onto the freeways.

How Far is it?: If you need to know, this site has the answer.

Griffith Observatory: General information, events, what's up in the sky.

Mt. Wilson Observatory: Nice site of history, discoveries, and science coming from the observatory at Mt. Wilson.

Mt. Lowe: Most readers of Echo Mtn. Echoes are fans of the Scenic Mt. Lowe Railroad and its founder Professor Thaddeus Lowe. Although the sites provided below do not have much depth, we have listed them in an effort to provide as much knowledge about the subject as possible.

Mt. Lowe Railroad: Angeles National Forest, National Register of Historic Places.

Thaddeus Lowe Aerogramme: Picture and technical information.

Heritage New Hampshire: Heritage Park has a display of native Thaddeus Lowe, balloonist.

1893 Worlds Fair Searchlight: Two pictures of searchlight later placed on Echo Mountain.

History: The websites provided here are stepping stones to other areas of interests in history that may be useful or amusing.

Huntington Library: The library, art collections, and botanical gardens information.

The Los Angeles Times Museums: Search for the museum you are looking for in Southern California.

California Historical Societies: List of historical societies addresses.

Archaeology ArchNet: A WWW Virtual library of archaeology.

Mysteries: Ancient mysteries explored.

Autry Museum of Western Heritage: Great museum and research library of western history.

Flora & Fauna: As we tramp through our beautiful Southern California Mountains I often wonder to myself, "What kind of plant is that?" In hiking or in reading I often am curious about an animals lifestyle or if a plant has other uses. Are you the same? Here are some links I found to help me out.

Why Do Plants Have Flowers: California Native Plant Society's KIDS PAGE.

Brousseau Collection of California Wildflowers: Over 11,000 images of flora searchable by common name or scientific name.

California Poppies: The how, what, when, where, or why of poppies.

The Bear Den: All you wanted to know about bears.

Railroads: Although the Scenic Mt. Lowe Railroad is the main focus for most of our readers, we realize that many of you have other railroading interests as we do. Whether you're a fan of inclines, trolleys, Pacific Electric, there should be a link of interest to you here.

Funiculars, DBF Michael Azema: A WWW page on Funiculars with lots of links to other worldwide incline railroad sites.

Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California: A guide to the electric traction heritage of the Los Angeles region.

Orange Empire Railway Museum: Largest operating railroad museum in the Western United States. Lots of info, links, and history.

Travel Town Museum: A Window to the Railroad heritage of the American West. The Travel Town Museum presents modern and historical photos, links and history.

The Cajon Pass Group: A webpage for fans of the Santa Fe Railroad as it passes from San Bernardino to Victorville through the Cajon Pass.

Union Station: The Los Angeles Rail Transit Web Page. Timetables, fares, maps, and information about the Los Angeles rail system.

Angels Flight: Pictures and history of Angles Flight "The Shortest Railway in the World."

Angels Flight is Back: If you missed the reopening of Angels Flight in 1996, Mike Eberts presents to you a story and photos of the day.

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