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v4n1dawn.jpg (27759 bytes)Since our last newsletter a lot has happened starting with a wonderful visit with all of you that could come to the dedication of the waiting shelter at Dawn Station in December. The event was well attended and I am sure you all had as good a time as I did. It is always nice to see old Mt. Lowe friends and to meet new ones. After the dedication we all traveled up to the Tavern where we picnicked and looked at displays put out by Paul Ayers, Brian Marcroft, Michael Patris, and Jake Brouwer.

In late December I sold an invitation to the 1933 National Air Race’s Ball on Ebay and asked the buyer if he knew anything of Pancho Barnes. To my surprise Scot Douglas’s aunt was Dorothy Hagan who is mentioned in Barbara Shultze’s book PANCHO. Apparently Dorothy Hagan worked for Pancho during the final days of the Happy Bottom Riding Club.

I think it was in January that I was introduced to Howard Watt over the Internet. Mr. Watt’s grandmother is Ava Lowe Stinson one of Thaddeus Lowe’s daughters. He lives near TSC’s Norristown home which turns out was for sale! Mr. Watt forwarded pictures of the once stately home to me, and LSDG made attempts to get further information from the realtor to no avail. Mr. Watt is anxious to contact Georgeann Reed Warren of California who is a relative. If you have any info please contact the paper.

In January we were also introduced to Lydia Brownback who is related to another of Thaddeus’s daughters Augustine Lowe Brownback. Lydia has helped in my attempts to put together a family tree by providing names of those in her part of the family. Thanks Lydia.

Anyone having names, dates or any other information on the TSC Lowe family and his descendants should contact the Jake Brouwer through the paper.

V4N1FORSALE.jpg (6960 bytes)

One time home of TSC Lowe in Norristown Pa. is for sale. It has been converted into apartments. Lowe's life in Norristown will hopefully be the subject of future Echoes.
Photo courtesy of Howard Watt.

Herb Shoebridge photographer of the Dawn Station picture on our Fall issue is looking for information on the Windsor Trail. He would like to know when it was built, where the name originated from and other facts. This trail ran from the fire road in back of Henninger Flats down into Eaton Canyon below the Idle Hour Camp. During the 1960’s there were several cabins in this area. Herb’s number is 626-286-0908.

In February the SMLHC spent a few Saturdays on Echo Mt. clearing and then measuring the area around the old powerhouse. It was the closest the group has gotten to doing an archeological dig in some time. Much of the work provided valuable information to writer researcher John P. Harrigan who is doing continual work on the Mt Lowe power systems for a possible book on the subject. John will be speaking to the San Dimas Westerner’s on May 5th about the subject.

Constantine or Coulincourt ????? What does the "C" stand for in TSC Lowe? Do you know? Can you prove it? There is a lot of speculation and the Echoes would like to settle it once and for all. If you have any documentation or copies of please forward to the Echoes. A list of publications is being compiled that promote the name either way. I am told of a family bible that says "Coulincourt" and death records that say "Constantine." Birth records were destroyed in a fire in New Hampshire. Help!!!

Another puzzle has come up. The Lookout Mountain Observatory Association is trying to find information leading to the whereabouts of a 9.5-inch telescope built by J. A. Brashear of Pittsburgh in the 1880’s. They are restoring the observatory there and would love to install the original. So why come to the Echoes? Well, as it turns out this telescope was purchased by Thaddeus Lowe and shipped to Mt. Lowe in 1901 according to their documentation. Any information is appreciated.

Howard Watt brought to our attention that the March 1999 issue of World War II Magazine has an article by John Guttman called the Carrier War. In its opening it tells of the first carrier task force consisting of Thaddeus Lowe and his balloon placed on the USS George Washington Park Curtis. This ship along with others was on a mission against Fort Powhatan on the Jame’s River.

V4N1FORSALE.jpg (6960 bytes)

The once tranquil Rubio Canyon is peaceful once again after months of digging and blasting which caused the unsightly scar you see pictured above. In the process numerous historic waterfalls and historic artifacts were destroyed or threatened.

It was nice to get an e-mail from Alan and Linda Leighton who live in Bochum, Germany. Alan grew up in Altadena and was bidding on a postcard that I was selling on EBAY with the title "Rubio Canyon Wiped Out!" Alan wrote two of his memories of Rubio Canyon, which will be included in the summer issue of the Echoes.

Sadly to say there are events that have been happening in Rubio Canyon that are now causing pain in the hearts and minds of everyone whom has ever hiked the historic canyon. For many of us this was our first encounter with the Scenic Mt. Lowe Railway. An encounter that opened us up to a world that has become part of our lives. This writer is deeply saddened. Rubio Canyon will be the subject of the summer issue of the Echoes. Anyone having personal or historical photos and stories of their experiences to share PLEASE send them or copies thereof to the Echoes. I expect this issue to be as large as the amount of information I receive. Lets show the parties’ responsible for the mess they’ve created what Rubio Canyon means to us and the world.

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