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On March 6th 1999 enraged citizens met with Rubio Land and Water District shareholders to discuss the destruction caused in Rubio Canyon caused by the replacement of a waterline. For more information on this ongoing story see the article in this issue by Michael Patris.

Mount Lowe Military Academy yearbook 1969

Mount Lowe Military Academy yearbook found by Jake Brouwer and donated to the Altadena Historical Society.

In March I managed to find a very interesting yearbook. It was the Blue and Gold of 1969. The Mount Lowe Military Academy. This particular volume once belonged to David Penfold. Are you out there somewhere David? We would all love to hear more about the MLMA as would the good folks at the Altadena Historical Society. It was located at 603 West Palm Altadena. This was Volume V. Does this mean it was open in 1964? In the rear of the book are photos of the flood of 1969. For anyone interested in viewing this Altadena treasure, it has been donated to the Altadena Historical Society located on Lake Ave, Altadena.

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The May meeting of the San Dimas Corral of Westerners had John Harrigan as its guest speaker. John spoke in detail about the power requirements of the Mt. Lowe Railway. John also showed a series of before and after slides of the railroad. Part of John Harrigan’s presentation was presented in the Echo Mtn. Echoes spring issue.


This is the armature recovered by the SMLRHC.

On June 5th members of the SMLHC and Angeles Forest Volunteers recovered and put on display yet another relic of the historic Mt. Lowe Railway. Off the side of the canyon one hundred and fifty feet or so buried in the brush was the heavy metal housing for the armature already on display at the mechanic’s service pit on Echo Mountain. The armature was also mounted and secured after much sweat in between the wheels. The armature weighs around 600 pounds. Members present were Brian and Thad Marcroft and friend, John Harrigan, Bill Crouch, Lee Zebold, Lee Varnum, Scott Nielsen, Jim Beckham, and Jake Brouwer. We also brought up some rather scrappy looking remnants of the old 1893 Worlds Fair Searchlight. As usual when the party works on Echo Mountain were encountered by many curious folks young and old inquiring as to our mission. Many people offered to help and it is always appreciated. Two scout troops were sited as well as a few five and six year olds that made their first hike up to Echo. Congratulation’s!

Paul Rippens recently made me aware he is working on a book about Henniger Flats. Paul is quite an authority on the subject having given numerous lectures, tours and being an integral part of its more modern history. The Echoes wishes well for Paul as he works on his second "baby" and will give all the support we can in promoting his book.

Mark McDonald contacted the Echoes this past month to inquire about linking our issue about the Observatory this past winter to his site about H. H. Warner founder of Warner’s Safe Cure Co. In 1883, the Warner Observatory was completed by H. H. Warner at an expense of $100,000. Dr. Lewis Swift was appointed director and paid a "handsome salary by the founder. It was said of this facility, "This observatory is the finest private institution of the kind in the world, and is located on the corner of Arnold Park and East Avenue, Rochester, NY. Lewis Swift and his equipment moved west to join Thaddeus Lowe on Echo Mountain in the Lowe Observatory. This is a really neat site about Warner, and all of his doings. I highly recommend it.

Mt. Lowe collectors are reminded that in southern California there are many avenues for collecting Mt. Lowe items. Postcard shows, paper shows, railroading shows, PCC, Rosebowl Swapmeet, and a host of others to numerous to list. Also don’t forget about Ebay the worlds largest Internet auction. In the last two months I’ve found a number of spoons, vintage souvenir photographs, souvenir booklets, and a menu right here in So.Ca. Have fun!

Special thanks go out to Ms Audrey Anderson for sending excerpts of her Lowe family roots and family tree information, which will be used, in an upcoming paper.

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