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Writers and the Online World, a Laura Bell seminar, Writers and the Online World is a new seminar offered by Laura Bell which covers some of the following topics emailing editors chatting with other writers how to post without getting flamed support groups available mailing lists net news forums on information services tapping into online writing workshops and much more and the seminar will also cover web page use landing assignments through the Net and instructions on how to send out multiple queries samples of your work and resume without ever going to the mail box and the class is suited for anyone using the Net no matter how they are currently accessing it and information to use and when to do your own first hand research and resources of information and where it is housed, writers, Cyberspace, business, assignment, publishings, email, internet learning, internet, learning, write, writing, publish, seminar, learn, tools, online, online tools, edit, editor, finding editors, new, contact, submitting, submissions, help, assist, assistance, Laura, Bell, Laura Bell, author, authoring, authoring tools, info, information, data, archive, tips, tricks, tips and tricks, meet, meeting, meeting new editors, writing assingments, getting writing assignments, find, use, using, using the web, using the internet, world, online world, internet tips, internet tricks, for, for writers, for authors, instruct, teach, instructor, teacher, educate, education, course, class, meeting, forum, group, college, how to, land, landing, close, closing, report, reporting, reporter, media, correspondent, by mail, by email, journalism, journalist

Writers and the Online World

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Order Form

To order all six sessions of the seminar, please fill in the requested information, then print this page. All purchasers will receive the seminar via password protected website, or email, and are entitled to ask up to 10 questions during each session. All seminar transactions will be conducted via the Net, except for payment, which will be done through snail mail.

Further information is available for those interested in licensing agreements. Please fill in our Information Request Form below.

If you encounter problems using this form, please send the requested information to Laura Bell via standard email, or email



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Send your $79, (US Dollars), seminar fee, via check or American Express money order, payable to Laura Bell, along with the information requested to:

Writers and the Online World
c/o Laura Bell
586 Punahou
Altadena, CA 91001

If you would like to order multiple copies of the seminar, please include the additional email addresses and additional seminar fees.


Information Request

If you would like to request more information, please fill in this form and press the Submit button. If you encounter problems using this form, please send the requested information to Laura Bell via standard email or email


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AAAIM > Writers and the Online World > Order Form

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