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HENINGER FLATS By Paul H. RippensHeninger Flats, By Paul H. Rippens.

Land-Sea Discovery Group is happy to announce Paul Rippens second published entry into the world of the San Gabriel Mountains. His first book A HIKERS GUIDE TO HISTORIC MT LOWE was an instant success bought up by Mt. Lowe fans nationwide as well as many local hikers.

HENINGER FLATS brings to the reader the history of that parcel of land above Altadena and along the old Mt. Wilson Toll Road that has since 1928 provided many environmental and educational services for county residents when it was adopted for a high elevation forest nursery.

Paul Rippens who started in 1956 as a forester for the County of Los Angeles Fire Department had his first assignment at Heninger Flats never imagining he would someday write the first history of the area. Paul takes us through geological creation, the life of its namesake William K. Heninger, the story of the Mt. Wilson Toll Road, how the Los Angeles Fire Department acquired and cared for Heninger Flats and how time has changed the area.

Anyone who hikes the San Gabriel’s will enjoy this book. It is an opportunity to learn more about the history of another slice of the mountains we love best. This volume is paperback with color photo of the visitor center on the cover. It contains 106 pages with black and white and color photographs. Price is $9.95


Incline Railways of Los Angeles and Southern California, Donald DukeIncline Railways of Los Angeles and Southern California, By Donald Duke. This book presents, for the first time, a look at all the commercial or proposed inclines of the Southern California region. Learn which was the shortest railway in the world, and one which was nearly a mile in length. Until the Getty Incline was built, the Industry Hill Incline Railway was the newest. It was built in 1978.

A dozen inclines are presented in this book. Learn how they came about, who built them, and why some of them were abandoned. Angels Flight disappeared in 1969, but was reconstructed in 1996. Featuring Angels Flight, Griffith Park Ry. & Incline, Arrowhead Incline, Griffith Park Scenic Incline, Catalina Island Incline, Industry Hills Incline, Court Flight, Mount Lowe Incline, Getty Center Incline, Mount Washington Incline and the Glendale & Verdugo Mtn. Incline. A generous 250 page hardbound volume, 5 x 8 inches in size, printed on high quality book stock. The book is wrapped in a full color dust jacket featuring the Gerry Center Incline. Complete with: More Than 300 Illustrations, Eleven System Maps, Profiles, Bibliography, and Index $39.95 order

Spy In The Sky, Kathleen Karr & Thomas F. YezerskiSpy in the Sky

A Story of the Civil War

Text by Kathleen Karr
Illustrated by Thomas F. Yezerski

Ridley is just a poor orphan living in the piney woods of South Carolina- until the day the big balloon drops out of the sky. Next thing he knows, he’s the assistant to the famous balloonist Thaddeus Lowe, and he’s learning how to tap Morse code messages and sending hot air balloons into the sky. But the balloons and messages aren’t just for fun; they’re to help the Union Army win the Civil War! Ridley’s itching to prove himself to President Lincoln, to Mr. Lowe, and to the soldiers. He knows he can be a great spy in the sky—if only they’ll give him the chance....

What a neat book to introduce your children and grandchildren to the likes of Thaddeus Lowe Balloonist, inventor and later founder of the Mt. Lowe Railway. I highly recommend this children’s treasure

60 page paperback book for ages 8-9 3rd grade reading level Only $3.95 per book order

Enter the Forest, Christopher NyergesENTER THE FOREST
A guidebook to the Angeles National Forest

A new book by Christopher Nyerges

A companion to John W. Robinson’s

The news is always full of accounts of people lost in the Angeles National Forest, or stranded, or hurt when their car goes over the side of the road. Most of these disasters could be averted by following the advice in this newly-released book, ENTER THE FOREST, written by a naturalist who has conducted survival skill and wild food outings in and near the Angeles National Forest since 1974.

ENTER THE FOREST is full of photos and illustrations. The book is divided into sections EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER, HISTORY, AND SAFETY each of which contain important information to help guide you through your visit to the Angeles Forest.

150 page paperback, 5" X 7 1/2". Price is $8.50 order

Guide to Wild Foods, Christopher NyergesGUIDE TO WILD FOODS, 288 pages and fully illustrated, provides all the details needed to identify common edible plants, and it's organized in a way that makes plant identification easy. This book by Echo Mtn. Echoes writer Christopher Nyerges, sells for $14.95 order

Historic Mt. Lowe, Paul H. RippensHISTORIC MT. LOWE A Hikers Guide to the Mt. Lowe Railway is written by San Dimas author Paul H. Rippens. This handy pocket sized soft cover guide includes a History of the Mt. Lowe Railway by John W. Robinson.

Mr. Rippens takes the hiker to the trails of the Mt. Lowe Railway with easy to follow maps and instructions all highlighted by descriptions of the way things were during the mountain railway's heyday. Paul points out various ruins and relics along the trails left over from the 1890's to the late 1930's. The book contains over thirty pictures, some published for the first time and in the rear of this book is a Chronological History of the Mt. Lowe Railway. Adorning the front cover is a beautiful color picture of the Great Incline. $9.00 order


Mt. Lowe the Railway in the Clouds By Charles Seims. Chronicles the results of the efforts of David Macpherson and Thaddeus Lowe’s Mount Lowe Railway, from the time of its original construction through the years in which it functioned as an integral part of the Pacific Electric system. This is a moving story of a mans struggle to keep expanding his mountain empire in the face of increasing debt and devastating destruction by the elements, and of his ultimate separation from the enterprise – which went on without him. In this volume, the author, Charles Seims, skillfully blending text and film has overlaid the past upon the present, recreating the people, the great searchlight, fire and flood, and other events that once enlivened a now silent landscape. Mount Lowe the Railway in the Clouds is a book not only for railroad buffs and lovers of the mountain trails, but for all who cherish a knowledge of or would like to learn more about the historical tradition of southern California. This wonderful hardback bound book with a beautiful color dust jacket runs 234 pages and contains thousands of photos. The wealth of information and enjoyment you will get from this book make it well worth the $49.95 price tag. order

MTSCBURDEN copy.jpg (17026 bytes)Professor T.S.C. Lowe And His Mountain Railway. This book was released just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Mt. Lowe Railway. Maria Schell Burden starts out with a brief introduction to the background of Thaddeus Lowe and his Civil War exploits. She then takes us for a time ride along the historic railway from its beginnings in 1893 to Pacific Electric days. The book has 72 pages, paper wraps, a nice time line, bibliography, interesting photos and all for only $6.00 order

MONEMANAF copy.jpg (16796 bytes)Thaddeus Lowe, America's One Man Air Corps. This wonderful book by Mary Hoehling was printed in 1958 but is now out of print. However, thanks to Land - Sea Discovery Group’s search capabilities we can probably match you up with a copy. Simply let us know of your interest in obtaining this book and if we do not have it in stock we will find a copy for you at an affordable price. Written for the younger set this book presents Thaddeus Lowe and the story of his exploits at planning a Trans-Atlantic flight, sixty years before it was accomplished, and being the "Father of the Air Force" during the Civil War. Hoehling takes the reader from Lowe’s childhood days in New Hampshire to his adventurous and inventive young adulthood and then beyond to his entrepreneur days in Southern California. A definite for anyone interested in ballooning, Civil War, and the inventive genius of Thaddeus Lowe. This is a hardbound book with 190 pages, index, and a helpful bibliography for the Lowe student. Prices range depending on condition between $15.00 and $30.00 order

MABOVECIVILWAR copy.jpg (18643 bytes)Above the Civil War. The story of Thaddeus Lowe, balloonist, inventor, and railway builder, by Eugene B. Block. This gem was published in 1966 and presents the reader with a wonderful biography on Thaddeus Lowe. After a quick look at Lowe’s boyhood beginning’s Block takes us into the heart of the Civil War and his entrance as founding father of the American Air Force. After the war Lowe developes methods of making artificial ice and then moves on to Southern California to build the Mt. Lowe Railway. Sixty pages of fascinating pictures illustrate the book. This is a serious acquisition for the balloon fan, Civil War and railroad buffs and Thaddeus Lowe fans. The book is hard cover with a color dust jacket. 188 pages with an index and excellent bibliography. This book is rare and out of print, however, Land ~ Sea Discovery Group’s searching capabilities may be able to match you up with a copy. Depending on condition this book ranges from $55.00 to $85.00 order

MPANCHO copy.jpg (14786 bytes)"Pancho" The Biography of Florence Lowe Barnes, By Barbara Hunter Schultz. 240 pg.paperback $14.95 order

Angels Flight, Walt WheellockAngels Flight. This little gem was written by the late Walt Wheelock in 1961 and republished by Borden Publishing in 1993. This is the story of Angels Flight, a tiny inclined railway that carried townspeople to the heavily populated summit of Bunker Hill. The book takes you from its earliest beginning’s in 1901 to the planning of a renewed Angels Flight in the 1990’s. Many great photographs and drawings illustrate the times. The book has paper wraps, 47 pages long and is only $5.00 order

MPETWILIGHTVIDEO copy.jpg (19723 bytes)PACIFIC ELECTRIC, THE TWILIGHT YEARS. Once the largest electric interurban railway in the nation, the Pacific Electric Railway was fading fast in the mid 1950’s. This historic journey takes you back to those twilight years, where you will see the last of the famous Hollywood cars on the Watts local, and the Big Red Cars, often referred to as "blimps," on the Long Beach, San Pedro, Bellflower, and Catalina lines. You’ll also ride along on a number of railfan trips, see tower cars in action, and witness the last of the electric "juice jack" freight locomotives in service. This is a great 30 minute video. Only $29.95 order

PACIFIC ELECTRIC STATIONS is edited by John Heller and was published by the Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California in 1998. This 250+ page soft cover book is a fascinating look into the story of the Pacific Electric Stations. On the 250 pages you will find wonderful photographic reproductions of these early stations gathered from private collections and from various historical institutions. Years of work and research went into this book for your enjoyment. Prior to the 250 pages are 48 pages of stations classes, distances, officers and representatives. Take it from one of Mt. Lowe’s greatest fans; this book has something for every electric railway fan. The price of this treasure is $34.95 a perfect gift for you or a loved one. order

RIDE THE PACIFIC ELECTRIC TO SAN BERNARDINO. Climb aboard a 1939 excursion to San Bernardino, featuring two 1300 class steel combos. Includes a rare excursion trip up the mountain to Arrowhead Hot Springs! This is a black and white film running 8 minutes. $19.95 order

The Mount Wilson Story By John W. Robinson, 35pg, paperback. $3.00 order

Trails of the Angeles, John W. RobinsonTrails of the Angeles 100 hikes in the San Gabriels. The San Gabriel Mountains are only a one-hour’s drive from Los Angeles, yet contain peaceful, secluded areas where nature still reigns relatively undisturbed. This book takes you to the intimate parts of the San Gabriels, as well as to popular and easily accessible hikes. Choose from 100 hikes, ranging from easy one-hour strolls to overnight backcountry trips. For the history buff there are hikes up to the old Mt. Lowe Railway. For wilderness seekers there are tours of the Cucamonga and San Gabriel Wilderness areas, forever set aside in their natural state. This southern California classic by John W. Robinson is 191 pages. Full color paper wraps. Also includes a 4-color map with contour lines. 7th edition. Only $12.95 order

M101HIKES copy.jpg (16591 bytes)101 HIKES IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Exploring Mountains, Seashore and Desert. Covers all the best hikes in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties, a land of incredible diversity with sparkling beaches, rugged mountains, and sunswept deserts. Hikes range from easy strolls to strenuous all-day treks with complete route descriptions. Paper wraps, 232 pages. By Jerry Schad. $15.95 order

MSANBERTRAILS copy.jpg (18812 bytes)San Bernardino Mountain Trails By John W. Robinson. This wonderful companion guide has 100 hikes- day walks and backpacking trips- in the San Bernardino National Forest., from Mt. San Gorgonio, the glaciated top of Southern California, to Toro peak, a remote desert peak overlooking the Coachella Valley. This great guide by John W. Robinson also includes a 4-color map showing all hikes. Paper wraps, 255 pages with handy index. Only $12.95 order

MMTNBIKING copy.jpg (20971 bytes)Mountain Bicycling In the San Gabriels. This neat book by Robert Immler describes 34 trips in and Angeles National Forest. It shows dramatically how this relatively new form of transportation for exploring allows a cyclist to cover large amounts of territory in a given time without losing touch with the environment. The book touches on each routes history, and lists each routes total distance, elevation gain, and approximate time needed to complete the route. It classifies each route as to difficulty, and tells the cyclist where to find water, picnic areas and campgrounds. The rides range from easy 2-mile trips to all day 35-mile challenges. Many photographs also illustrate this book, and there is an accurate map for each trip. Paper wraps, 134 pages, and only $9.95 order

MLAMTNBIKING copy.jpg (14912 bytes)Mountain Bicycling Around Los Angeles. This book by Robert Immler describes 32 trips for mountain bicycles in the greater Los Angeles area, from Malibu to Orange County. The book lists each route’s total distance, elevation gain or loss, and time needed to complete the route. The routes range from easy 1-mile trips to all day 25-mile challenges. Many photographs illustrate all this and there is an accurate map for each trip. Many neat areas to travel in like the San Rafael Hills, the Verdugo Hills, the Santa Susana Mountains, Palos Verdes, the Baldwin Hills, the Chino Hills, and Santiago Peak – to name just a few. Paper wraps, 126 pages and only, $9.95 order

MSANBERTRAILS copy.jpg (18812 bytes)The San Gabriels By John W. Robinson, 310pg, hardback, $34.95 order

The San Bernardinos By John W. Robinson, 256pg, hardback, $32.95 order

MFUNICULAR copy.jpg (18840 bytes)Funicular Railways. This book covers Funicular Railways in California. From Angels Flight to Shasta Springs, Joe Campbell gives us a brief but interesting tour of the beginning of incline railroads and then takes off across the state to cover many inclines. Clay Street, Mt. Lowe, Angeles Flight, Court Flight, Mt. Washington, Catalina Island Mountain Railway, Shasta Springs to name but a few grace the pages of this book. Illustrated with many photos seldom seen in one publication. The book has paper wraps and has 90 pages, at only $6.50 a real bargain. order

To Mt. Lowe With Love Video VHS format, 32 Minute long video in production by PENTREX. 1991. From 1893 to 1937 it was the world’s greatest trolley adventure. Passengers took the Big Red Cars to Rubio Canyon, where they boarded the Incline Car for a ride up to Echo Mountain. Then the narrow gauge trolleys took over for an exhilarating, scenic ride to Ye Alpine Tavern. The film has a skilful blending of stills and original movie footage making this Southern California adventure a vintage triumph! Black and white and color. Only $34.95 order

MSEIMSVIDEO copy.jpg (16712 bytes)Mt Lowe, The Railway in the Clouds. From 1893 to 1936, southern California’s Mount Lowe Railway was the most spectacular mountain railway in America. Running through the rugged mountains of Pasadena, the line featured a spectacular 3,000 foot long cable incline and a mountain trolley line of incredible beauty 3 miles long ending at the door of the rustic Ye Alpine Tavern.

Constructed during the 1890’s by T.S.C. Lowe, inventor and Civil War hero, the railway was an engineering marvel of its day. Professor Lowe built four hotels and an observatory along the line; all of which were eventually destroyed in a spectacular series of natural disasters; the last occurring in September of 1936.

After Lowe lost financial control of his attraction, the Mount Lowe Railway was taken over by the Pacific Electic; the giant interurban railway system that blanketed Southern California. Sold for scrap beofre WWII, traces of the roadbed have all but dissapeared from the mountainside.

Through the magic of video, you can travel to Mount Lowe once again. Using hundreds of historic photographs and 13m of rare movie footage, "The Railway in the Clouds" details the constuction, operation and the demise of this nostalgic bit of American life

Video VHS format, running time 44 minutes. By Charles Seims. Color and black and white. Only $39.95 order


Mines of the San Gabriels, John W. RobinsonMines of the San Gabriels By John W. Robinson, 72 pg., Paperback, $4.50 order

Mines of the East fork By John W. Robinson 70pg., Paperback, $4.50 order

Mines of the San Bernardinos By John W. Robinson, 71pg., Paperback, $4.50 order

Mines of the Mojave By Ron and Peggy Miller, 71pg., Paperback, $4.50 order

Mines of the High Desert By Ronald Miller, 71pg., Paperback, $4.50 order

Mines of Julian By Helen Ellsberg, 71pg. Paperback, $4.50 order

Mines of Death Valley By L. Burr Belden, 71pg., Paperback, $4.50 order

Mines of the Eastern Sierra By Mary DeDecker, 72pg., Paperback, $4.50 order

GOLD! Gold! By Joseph F. Petralia, 143pg., Paperback, $9.95 order

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Thaddeus Lowe, America's One-Man Air Corps, various pricing depending on condition $15.00 - $30.00
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Pacific Electric, The Twilight Years, VHS video $29.95
Pacific Electric Stations, $34.95
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Trails of the Angeles, paperback, $12.95
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San Bernardino Mountain Trails, paperback, $12.95
Mountain Bicyling in the San Gabriels, paperback, $9.95
Mountain Bicycling Around Los Angeles, paperback $9.95
The San Gabriels, hardback, $34.95
The San Bernardinos, hardback, $32.95
Funicular Railways, 90 pages, $6.50
To Mt. Lowe With Love, VHS video, 32 minutes, $34.95
Mt. Lowe, The Railway in the Clouds, VHS video, 44 minutes, $39.95
Historic Mt. Lowe, A Hiker's Guide to the Angeles National Forest, paperback, $8.50
Mines of the San Gabriels, paperback, $4.50
Mines of the East Fork, paperback, $4.50
Mines of the San Bernardinos, paperback, $4.50
Mines of the Mojave, paperback, $4.50
Mines of the High Desert, paperback, $4.50
Mines of Julian, paperback, $4.50
Mines of Death Valley, paperback, $4.50
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