Echo Mtn. Echoes Volume 2..
Number 1

The Pasadena Grand Opera House

The Grand Opera House
By Jake Brouwer

The curtain opens to our paper play, presenting to you yet another scene, an all but obscure segment, in the life and times of our Scenic Mt. Lowe Railroad. Our star in this play is the Pasadena Grand Opera House and leading character is Thaddeus Sobieski Coulincourt Lowe. This is just another chapter in the life of a diverse individual of vision few Pasadeneans are even aware of.



Collecting Mt. Lowe Postcards
By Jake Brouwer

It was John Robinson's book Trails of the Angeles that led me to discover Mt. Lowe and the hidden treasures below, Echo Mt. and Rubio Canyon. John's great description draws the hiker to the mountain and then Professor Lowe's magic begins to take over.


Las Flores color postcard

found in an antique store


Hiking Mt. Lowe Trails.

Rubio Canyon

Rubio Canyon and the Mt. Lowe Railway
By Paul Ayers
Scenic Mount Lowe Historical Committee

Rubio Canyon takes its name from Jesus Rubio, a squatter who began farming near the mouth of the canyon in 1867. Prior to this time, the canyon had probably seen little of man; the Native Americans who lived in the area did not like to go into the smaller canyons at the front of the San Gabriels for fear of bears.



Flora and Fauna.

The California Poppy
Eschscholtzia Californica

By Jake Brouwer

In the early days of Pasadena and Altadena, the hills and fields below the foot of Echo Mountain were covered with poppies much to the delight of all who laid eyes on them. The Spanish whilst sailing up and down the newly discovered coast, looked inland and saw the flame of orange red poppies spread upon the hillsides. This was The "land of fire."


poppy fields


Rubio Canyon postcard

The Wonders of Rubio Canyon
By Jake Brouwer

The mildly rising path that leads the way to the moss covered foundations of Rubio Pavilion, is lined on either side in the most precarious of spots, by the yucca known as the "Spanish Dagger."



News of our Readers

Thanks to Gary Boen for sending in copies of telegrams sent by various persons to Professor T. S. C. Lowe regarding balloon ascensions during the Civil War. These are a fascinating part of our American history.

Thanks to Kirk Myers for sending out to LSDG copies of the 1894 and 1903 editions of the Sanborn Maps...


outside the Mt. Lowe resort

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Well, here we are again. This is to be our second year publishing Echo Mtn. Echoes and I hope the paper is meeting your expectations.

I would like to thank all of you who subscribed to the paper and sent in your kind words of support. As for the rest of you, I know the subscription form is sitting on your desk waiting to be sent in and you haven't gotten around to mailing it, or perhaps you've simply misplaced it. In any case, if you have an issue marked COMPLIMENTARY COPY, this means I do not have your subscription and this may be the last issue you will receive by mail. Don't miss out on what's to come as the year moves on. As subscriptions rise I expect printing quality to improve as well as the amount of information we can bring you.



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